Medical Tourism India

Medical Tourism prevails in India from years but has gained momentum recently. India is the favourite destination for Medical tourism. As per the reports of Ministry of Tourism, Health tourism in India is growing drastically and is expected to hit $9 billion by 2020 which is a 200% growth. The growth is due to the highest quality treatment at the lowest cost. Today medical tourists are choosing the best and one-stop destination which gives a complete package of quality treatment, ease of communication and competitive pricing. nology, modern facilities and quality medical care. As the tourists are happy and satisfied with the facilities the numbers are increasing. India Health Care Tourism is becoming popular not only for therapeutic treatments like Ayurveda but is also growing for Dental and other curative treatments. FORT Dental has served International patients from 54 countries and looking forward to serve more in near future. Medical Tourism Companies in India are working hard to bring more International clients to get the World class treatment in India at an affordable cost. Visa rules are also liberalized to encourage more applicants to apply for Medical travel to India. The reason for this growth in India is specialized doctors with advance tech.