Medical Tourism in India is transforming and becoming a popular option for the tourists across the globe. In India, Hyderabad is the highly preferred choice not only for IT services but also for Medical emergencies. Dental Tourism in Hyderabad is seeing a massive growth year by year. The heritage and legacy of the city attracts more tourists to explore new places and cultures. Hyderabad is a diverse place with different languages, cuisines and facilities. It is the 5th largest city in India with drastic developments in infrastructure & technology. High-quality amenities in health care attracts the tourists to the “Pearl City”. Dental Hospitals in Hyderabad offer all kinds of treatments at an incredibly affordable prices with superior quality and service. Medical costs in India for Dental treatments are 40%-50% low compared to the costs in USA, UK, and other Middle East countries, which is a huge advantage for Dental tourism in India. Dental Hospitals in Hyderabad are the unique destinations of tourists for the advanced technology clinics and specialist doctors. Hyderabad is a diverse city with all kinds of facilities to stay, travel, shop and visit. Language is also an advantage for opting Hyderabad for Dental Tourism because of the high number of English speaking population.